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Alpaca Sock - Surino Crew Sock

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**MADE IN THE USA!** ON SALE, regularly $26!

The hollow core of alpaca fiber wicks moisture away from feet, offering supreme comfort.

Superior hollow core insulation is warm in cool weather and cool in warm weather, helping to regulate body temperature.

The alpaca fibers are infused with precious metals for naturally odor free and antimicrobial comfort, helping to combat symptoms of athlete’s foot.

Socks are made from 30% Alpaca Fiber, 19% Nylon, 1% Silver, 20% Merino Wool, 30% Hydrotec.

These socks are machine washable.

Small (3-5), Medium (5-9), Large (9-12), X-Large (12-14)

High performance alpaca fibers are processed/cleaned without the use of harsh chemicals typically used to process wool.

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