Alpaca Fleece-filled Bird Nesting Ball®

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Attention Bird Watchers! What fun! 

Looking for something special for your winged friends that visit your back yard every year? Give them something special this year for building a cozy nest.

The Alpaca Fleece-filled Bird Nesting Balls® are handcrafted by an American Alpaca Farm. Measuring 4" in diameter, they are made using natural-finished grapevine filled with at least three colors of 100 % USA alpaca fiber. Each ball provides nesting material for wild birds and hangs from a jute rope.

Just hang them up in the back yard and enjoy frequent visits from your feathered friends.

Makes the perfect gift for that special bird lover in your life! Birds love to line their nest with soft, warm alpaca fiber! The bedding is insulated and water repellent.

Hang from a tree limb or near a shrub and enjoy the birds' antics as they pull out tufts of alpaca fiber for their nests! When you provide this all-natural alpaca nesting material for the birds in your yard you'll love watching the birds come flocking.

The delicate fiber is easily used by birds, blends into the environment and does not attract predators. Chickadees in particularly really enjoy it!

Alpacas on a Mission!

Find out how the alpaca fiber in this bird nesting ball helps Safe Haven Farms provide residential and vocational services for adults with autism. Alpacas Magazine Article

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Photo courtesy of
Wild Birds Unlimited,
Saratoga Springs, New York

Even when exposed to the elements
the fleece dries back to its natural soft state.
Ready for more birds, and you, to enjoy!

Some photos courtesy of Colette Stanton, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
The Bird Nesting Ball is Created by All Things Alpaca, LLC (US Patent No. 9,497,938).

Measures: 5" sphere

Weight: 2.4 oz

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