Alpaca Knit-Lined Cowhide Leather Gloves to XXL Sizes

  • $75.00

This product achieves a long sought after goal of producing USA made work and driving gloves made with USA grown alpaca fleece warmth lining!

The alpaca portion of these glove are made in the USA with USA-raised alpaca fiber!
It's been a dream for 8 years!?  But we finally have it!

We went through a great number of prototypes and combinations to get at this final glove product. We hope you will like this product which uses USA grown alpaca fiber in a new way that is functional and alpaca-warm. Feel the warmth of alpaca whenever you work, drive or play in these unique gloves! 

Your purchase of these gloves supports American alpaca farms and small businesses.

Enjoy the unique qualities and quality of these USA made alpaca lined gloves! 

The knit American grown and made alpaca gloves are then sewn into a new soft supple leather glove by world renowned artisans in Pakistan. Pakistan is world renowned for leather products. 
Break them in.  Please note, these very unique gloves are an alpaca glove sewn into a leather glove. They need to be "broken in" meaning work your fingers in, and work the glove to get a custom fit for YOUR hand. Carefully pull your fingers out without bringing along the liner. After you get them broken in you can wear them as normal. 

Soft Cowhide leather outer, USA raised and made 80%/20% alpaca/nylon inner knit glove.

TWO STYLES: Unisex and Ladies

To choose one in your cart, first select the COLOR and then select the SIZE. Note there is "Black" and "Ladies Black".

"Unisex" gloves are sized as follows:
  • Small = fits most Women
  • Medium = next larger size
  • Large = fits some Men
  • XLarge = next larger size

Sizing note: if your hand size is on the edge, consider going with the next larger size. 

The Ladies red and black gloves are designed to fit women (S, M, L). For example, women's medium fits most women. The Ladies gloves have a 3-channel stitching on the back and a smooth outer cuff.

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