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Sure, we probably needed to update our online presence and shopping site, but we really didn't want it to happen in the manner that it did.  Our website hosting company, Alpaca Nation, recently suffered a severe hardware failure, and poof, our website, along with hundreds of other alpaca farm clients, lost everything.  Some of you probably encountered a 404 page not found error, which I did as well one day, and had mixed feelings about it.  After frantically searching the web for my website host, I came across their message:

To Our AlpacaNation Family —

It is with deep sadness — and circumstances outside of our control — that we have been forced to shut down AlpacaNation and LlamaNation. It has been a wonderful 18 years serving you and the alpaca/llama industry and we looked forward to many years to come. Unfortunately, events happened outside of our control that made keeping everything running an impossible task and ultimately this was our only available choice.

While we can't expand on the specifics of the events that occurred, if you have any questions about your account please contact us at customer service and we will do our best to answer in a timely fashion.


The AlpacaNation Team

You can probably feel my pain right about now.   I was mortified!  All I could think of was the work that went into the website over the past ten years, and how I was going to recover all of that data.  Needless to say, AlpacaNation was extremely apologetic, and of course, having worked many years in information tech myself, I could understand, this was an accident, unforeseen, very frustrating, and sickening. 

So, we hope that you can also understand, our website is under construction at this time, products will be added, updated and offered to you as quickly as possible.   If you don't find what you are looking for, feel free to reach out to us at info@lodialpacas.com, or call us at 608-576-8607, and we will do everything we can to get our wonderful products to you.  We appreciate you, our customers, and hope that this experience will be a positive one.


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